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When Rick Frost ventures into the forest, he doesn’t expect to meet the world’s most famous Hollywood actress, Alexis Blair. He certainly doesn’t expect having to protect her from a dangerous enemy out to get her in the Alaskan wilderness.

Meet Rick Frost. He and his best friend, Ben Nakni, have been shipped off to Alaska for “the adventure of a lifetime.” However, Rick is looking for real adventure, so when he sees smoke rising from the forest, he takes off without a second thought. What he doesn’t realize, though, is that the smoke is coming from Alexis Blair’s plane, shot down by a missile. When Ben and Rick arrive, the enemy is back for more. Suddenly, the adventure is turned into a nightmare. Will Rick be able to protect his friends and himself from certain doom?

Book Cover Image: Rick Forst and the Alaskan Adventure by Todd Bush
Before reading Rick Frost & the Alaskan Adventure by Todd Bush, I had always thought of Alaska as a quiet and peaceful place. Now I understand what a dangerous place it can be, not to mention its beauty. As you can imagine, I loved the book. Not only did it give me some insight on the state of Alaska, it proved that no matter how boring a place can seem, there can always be adventure. Another thing I loved were the characters. Rick bears a striking resemblance to the setting. No matter how boring he may seem, he can always have adventures. I could have assumed that he loved on my street. the characters were well-described. The book was an adventure to read, and I couldn’t have asked for more.

I’d like to give a very special thank you to the author, Todd Bush, for sending me such a riveting and exciting story. I enjoyed the book immensely and am forever grateful for such a wonderful opportunity.

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