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Current/most recent audiobook: The House at Riverton by Kate Morton, narrated by Caroline Lee

Impressions: The story is not as engaging as the author Kate Morton novel I listened to this year (The Forgotten Garden). Also, the narrator had a cold halfway through the production, and her nasally voice made me laugh to myself. Enjoyable but not wonderful, and I will not be listening to her third novel.

Current favorite audiobook: Bossypants by Tina Fey, narrated by Tina Fey

One narrator who always makes you choose audio over print: James Marsters – I have no desire to read the Harry Dresden series when I can listen to him all day long.

Genre you most often choose to listen to: Mystery/Historical fiction – It’s the whole series thing.

If given the choice, you will always choose audio when: at work. It’s better than listening to music in helping to drown out cubicle noise and makes the day slip past SO quickly.

If given the choice, you will always choose print when: in bed. I tend to read until I fall asleep and find it much easier to remember where I last stopped concentrating in print than via audio. Plus, it is a lot easier to flip the pages back to the spot rather than having to forward or rewind my iPod.

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