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Welcome to That’s What She Read! I’m Michelle, one of the founders and organizers of Armchair BEA. The next week is going to be extremely busy but we hope that it will also be extremely fun, as we attempt to bring BEA directly to you…without the added travel expenses and tired feet and shoulders.

Since today is all about introducing ourselves, my fellow organizers and I have done just that on Armchair BEA Central. In case you want some greater details, I will be participating from Cincinnati, Ohio, although I am really in Middletown – halfway between Cincinnati and Dayton (get it?). I have several favorite armchairs but do not often get a chance to sit in them thanks to two very active kids. Most of the time, I write posts in advance during my lunch breaks at work and format them and schedule them quickly in the evenings between practices, evening chores and bedtime. I’ve been blogging for over two years now, so I have it down to a science!

For those who are long-time visitors, you will already know that I do not specialize in any one genre but pride myself on the fact that I read everything and anything – classics, biographies, science fiction, paranormal, romance, suspense, YA, mysteries, literary fiction, self-help books, memoirs, business, science nonfiction, and anything else that strikes my fancy. My philosophy is that life is too short to limit my options to one genre when there are so many fascinating subjects out there begging to be explored. In any given week, you will see me review books that cross all genres, although I will admit that I do have a special affinity for anything vampiric. I do try not to indulge myself too often.

This week, I will be flitting between both this site and Armchair BEA Central, attending the Twitter party and various panels. I hope you all stop by and let me know how you are enjoying the week!

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