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Happy May Day! It stopped raining long enough for us to be able to mow the lawn, wash the cars, and get some other landscaping work done yesterday. It was glorious; we’re hoping that the rain to come holds off so Connor play his soccer game today. The poor boy hasn’t had a soccer game in three weeks. We shall see!

Thank you for all of the well wishes for Gretchen last week. We heard back from the vet and found out that it was nothing but a benign tumor. The vet confirmed that he was able to remove all of it and expects no more growths of any sort in the future. Add to that her blood work results came back clean, and we have confirmation that Gretchen is one healthy doggie! Her staples will be removed in two stages, so we have two more weeks of the e-collar, but we are all breathing a sigh of relief at the good news.

The family is back together again after our separate “vacations”. The kids had a blast and were full of stories. In fact, Holly cried profusely because she wants to see her cousins more often. I am so glad they had fun, but I am glad they are home again. There is something about knowing that your entire family is snug and safe under one roof that is so calming and satisfying.

In case you missed last week’s reviews, I shared my thoughts on the following:

I also shared a long-overdue Motivate Me update. Connor wasn’t able to write a review yesterday, but he’s promised me to have one for next week.

With the kids back and several lunch-time meetings at work, I wasn’t able to read as much as I would have liked. I was able to finish Douglas Kennedy’s The Moment this week and should be able to finish James Dashner’s The Maze Runner today.

Speaking of that, Thomas’ fate is calling to me, and I do need to get ready for the soccer game. I hope everyone is able to enjoy the weather and have a great Sunday. Happy reading!

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