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It turns out I must have been sicker than I thought. After gaining a new symptom every single day, I finally went to the doctor to find out exactly what was wrong with me. He determined that it had to be a bacterial infection of some sort because I was on allergy meds when I really started feeling awful, and if it was viral, I would have been feeling better a week after the first symptom. The doctor put me on a Z-pack and sent me home to rest for the day. It took two days, but on Friday I felt more awake than I have for the entire month of March. Remembering that I had spent two full weekends in March literally sleeping in bed for two days, I suspect I’ve had this insidious little bug for at least a month.

I’m glad I went to the doctor because it really is nice to feel awake and have energy again. I was able to give my house a good scrubbing which, after a month of a total lack of TLC on my part, was desperately needed. I’m finally feeling up to doing things again, including entertaining or going out. I suspect this means that my reading will suffer though. After all, I read over 18 books and 5,390 pages during the month of March. That is going to be hard to beat!

Speaking of reading, I finally shared my thoughts on Paul Elwork’s The Girl Who Would Speak for the Dead, Kat Fall’s Dark Life, Deb Caletti’s Stay, and A. M. Tuomala’s Erekos. In addition, Connor raved about Kenneth Oppel’s Half Brother. Meanwhile, I finally got tough and shared my thoughts on various reasons to start blogging on the latest installment of Trends in Book Blogging. I’m still soliciting future ideas for this series. Please let me know if you would like to see me tackle a particular topic!

Not much else is going on with the family. Holly’s eyesight has finally gotten poor enough to require glasses, at least at school. She is ecstatic about this and could not wait to pick out her frames. Connor, unfortunately, inherited my eyesight, and his eyesight is about as bad as mine was before I had Lasik. The doctor said he was old enough to switch to contacts, but he refuses. I suspect he will change his mind next year once he experiences seventh grade. We went on Friday and ordered new glasses for them both and now wait for the phone call stating that they are ready for pick-up!

We also had yet another parent-teacher conference, this time with Connor’s gifted teacher. Jim and I both attend these meetings, especially with his gifted teacher, who has known and worked with him since he was in first grade. She knows him about as well as we do, so it is always an enjoyable time discussing his idiosyncrasies and astonishing abilities. Nothing was much of a surprise, but it is always good to get face-time with his teachers, all of whom we absolutely adore this year. I never knew I could love meeting his teachers as much as I do!

I did finish Meg Wolitzer’s The Uncoupling last Sunday, as well as Parker Blue’s Bite Me and Joyce Hinnefeld’s Stranger Here Below. Connor has his first official outdoor soccer game this afternoon, but once we get back, I hope to finish up Lauren Belfer’s A Fierce Radiance. With less than 200 pages left, I am totally loving this story of life in the U.S. in the early stages of U.S. involvement in World War II and life before penicillin.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. I’m off to a soccer game, the first of many in the next few months. Happy Sunday and happy reading!

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