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RIP Cullen

I think most of you know by now, but I had to put down Cullen on Friday night. The simple story is that he got out of the house Friday evening, and in the course of running around the neighborhood, jumped and bit a neighborhood child on the arm. While he meant absolutely nothing by it, our fear that the next time it could be so much worse forced our hand.

Cullen has always been a challenging dog. He was found two years ago in November with his sister, almost frozen to death huddling under a tree. We brought him home and fell in love with him, even though we noticed from the very beginning how he really did not like any strange men/boys and was extremely protective. He ended up becoming my dog and listened to me better than he did for anyone else, but we still struggled to prevent him from going insane when someone dared ring the doorbell or if someone walked in front of the house. Last summer, he even went so far as to jump up and bite our next-door neighbor when he dared put his arm over our fence when I was outside mowing the lawn.  Our action at that time was to muzzle him every time he went outside.

We tried to rehabilitate him through love, attention and lots of exercise. When he wasn’t in over-protective mode, he was one of the goofiest, sweetest dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. His ears were also some of the silkiest and softest I’ve ever had the pleasure to pet. He was my 80-pound lap dog and loved nothing better than to curl up next to me on the bed for cuddling and petting. It was literally one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make. In my lowest moments, I want to find the person who abused him as a puppy and hurt him like he hurt my dog. I have to reconcile myself with the fact that we gave him a quality of life he would have never had otherwise. He gave us unconditional love in return. I know we had no choice but to do what we did – biting means he was unadoptable – but it is going to take me a long time to get over the feeling of guilt that I have and the thought that we did not do enough to help him overcome the conditioning he received as a puppy. As frustrating as he was with the almost constant barking and neediness, the house feels empty and too quiet without him. He will definitely be missed and will never be replaced.

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