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It is time for another update. I’m trying to space these out because I know most people tend to skip over them, as they don’t pertain to blogging or books. However, I do find that publicly hanging my dirty laundry, or poor eating habits as the case may be, is good for me. If anything, I do think twice about ordering that double cheeseburger because I know I will have to share my weight with everyone in a week!

Unfortunately, I have to report another bad week. I wasn’t careful about what I was eating while the family was in Texas, and the incessant rain has kept me from doing anything outside but mow the overgrown lawn whenever there is a brief break in the weather (seriously, thunderstorms every single night for the past three weeks). This means that I gained back the two pounds I had lost after my most recent weight gain and am back to 157 again. I almost feel as if I am in limbo these days, waiting for the sun to come out for longer than a few hours so that I can find that motivation to do something. I know I am sabotaging myself, but I can’t seem to find a reason to care at this point in time. Am I proud that I have to write this? No, but here I am, doing it anyway. Sometime will snap me out of this ennui one of these days. I just wish I knew what it will be because I certainly could use some motivation and inspiration now.

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