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While I haven’t been that active in visiting other blogs and commenting on various posts and reviews in recent months, I have noticed certain trends that have me rolling my eyes, raising my eyebrows and in general wondering about the state of book blogging. I want to take some time to address each one and hopefully start a discussion about them. As I have a lot to say, this is going to be spread out over several weeks. Think of it as a modern-day expose on the world of book blogging. I’ve discussed readathons, giveaways, blog hops, rules and reasons to start blogging, and followers. This week I tackle the comments.

The most universal thing about everything I have discussed to date is that we are all seeking feedback and recognition for our efforts. The easiest, and best way to get this feedback is through comments. Yet, some people respond to comments and others don’t. Why? If you are not going to respond to the comments left by other people, why blog?

Now, an argument could be made for those bloggers who happen to get hundreds of comments on a post that they cannot not possibly respond to all comments, but having never had that type of response for any of my posts, I can only state what I feel. Should I ever have a post that generates that many comments, I would still try to respond to as many of them as possible. I mean, these people took the time to stop by, read what I had to say, and even stuck around to share a few thoughts with me. The least I can do is show them how much I appreciate them doing so. So why is this such a bone of contention for bloggers?

I have had the misfortune pleasure of having written a review that drew several irate comments and generated quite the discussion. Even then, I responded to as many comments as I felt was necessary. I never want to discourage discussions, so I did not close the comments to that post, but I did stop responding to the same people who kept leaving multiple diatribes. They were all acknowledged at least once though, even if I did disagree with their thoughts.

Is it just me then? I liken each response to a comment as a thank you note of a kind. I want to acknowledge the time and effort you made for my writing, and I will take the time and effort to do so because it shows my appreciation. I know that there is a school of thought out there that feels that thank you notes are old-fashioned and unnecessary in today’s world. Is this why people do not respond to comments? Is my thought process about them too old-fashioned?

Speaking of comments, if you do respond, how do you do it? Do you send an e-mail to the person directly? Do you respond as a reply to the comment itself and hope the person sees it? Do you visit the person’s blog or Twitter site or Facebook page and acknowledge them that way? Is one method better than another?

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