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Book Cover Image: The Tomorrow Code by Brian FalknerWhen Tane and Rebecca receive a series of numbers on their computer, they aren’t exactly sure what it means, but they have a pretty good idea of where it came from: the future! As they realize its message, more message begin to pour in. Soon, it becomes clear that the future is in some kind of danger, and it is up to Tane and Rebecca to save it.

Three words that describe The Tomorrow Code: fan-tas-tic! This sci-fi book of Brian Falkner’s was a joy for me to read, mainly because, like one of my earlier books I reviewed – Tanglewreck, it had many wonderful ideas and thoughts on the destruction of the world (maybe not one of the best things that you’d want on your mind). Honestly, I’d almost like to call this realistic fiction; it seems everything in this book could really happen. I also want to say that it is informational, with the amount of facts Falkner included. It all adds to the suspense of the end of Earth. As they say, “Here today, gone tomorrow.”

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