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Book Cover Image: Half Brother by Kenneth OppelBen Tomlin lived a normal life for thirteen years. When his mother brings home a baby chimp, his world is turned upside-down. Named Zan, the eight-month-old chimpanzee is another one of Ben’s father’s experiments. As a behavioral scientist, he wants to see if chimps can learn and use advanced language. Ben is told to treat Zan like a little brother, and Ben agrees. It is not long before the two form an unbreakable bond and truly become brothers. Ben’s father differs, seeing Zan only as a science experiment. Now, Ben is caught between two points of view – and a fate that could take Zan away forever.

Half Brother was one of those books that blew my mind. Kenneth Oppel has written an emotional masterpiece. He’s made the story so real; there is so much detail, emotion and entertainment included, I enjoyed every second of it. Everything about it is perfect – the beginning is perfect, the middle is perfect, and the ending is especially perfect. When it comes to writing, Kenneth Oppel doesn’t monkey around!

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