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While I haven’t been that active in visiting other blogs and commenting on various posts and reviews in recent months, I have noticed certain trends that have me rolling my eyes, raising my eyebrows and in general wondering about the state of book blogging. I want to take some time to address each one and hopefully start a discussion about them. As I have a lot to say, this is going to be spread out over several weeks. Think of it as a modern-day expose on the world of book blogging. I’ve discussed readathons and giveaways. This week I tackle the idea of blog hops.

Blog hops – I confess these events just leave me baffled. I have no idea what they are and what purpose they serve. I can understand memes, readathons, and giveaways. I know why bloggers participate or host these events. I do not understand blog hops, and yet, there is at least one every single week. Why?

Are people hoping to just drive up traffic to their blogs? Are they hoping to gain more followers? From what I’ve seen, there is no opportunity to share who you are. It is more a “hi, thanks for stopping by and please check out the next person on the list” event. For those who participate, why? How does this help your blog? What are your reasons for participating?

I am not trying to malign these events. I seriously do not understand them. I do think they occur too often and offer very little in the way of rewards. How many lasting visitors can you get by having someone just stop by one or two times? Are those who do stop by through a blog hop really your target audience? Is the effort worth the results? I’ll admit I don’t see how it can be.

What does everyone else think? Blog hops – yay or nay? Have you participated in one? Was it worth it? Why do you think they are so popular these days? Let me know what you think!

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