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Hello, my lovely supporters! This past weekend was spent in the lovely New Orleans. While I took a break from the diet – hello Cafe Du Monde – I did make sure that we walked everywhere and that offset the wonderful beignets with eating only two meals a day. I did have a beer, or two or three, and one hurricane. In spite of that, I managed to keep the scale the same at 156 pounds this week. Better yet, the time spent in sunny, 60-degree weather got my blood flowing and made me look forward to running again.

Given the fact that my wonderful husband ran his first marathon while we were there and seeing how fun and encouraging everyone is towards the runners, it made me contemplate actually running a longer race. I’m not convinced that 26.2 miles is for me, especially after seeing how sore and tired Jim was for several days afterwards, but I can see 13.1 miles in my future. There’s a Princess half-marathon at Walt Disney World next February. I’m not committing to it yet, but I am looking long and hard at it. Who would be there to cheer me at the finish line if I do commit?

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