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Happy New Year! Today is the last day of the holiday break, and I’ll be busy putting the house back in order, writing thank you notes and generally trying to relax as much as possible before heading into work tomorrow. I might not have had the entire two weeks off, but the relaxed atmosphere and work schedule was enough to spoil me and make me truly dread a full five-day work week. Yet, even as I say that, I must admit I am ready for things to go back to normal, whatever normal is. I guess my idea of becoming independently wealthy and not working for a living may not be the best plan after all.

I don’t know about you, but I am now fairly worried about 2011. I was so full of hope and excitement at the new beginning, but considering how poorly it started yesterday, I am concerned that 2011 is going to be frustrating. I rang in the new year with friends…and a migraine. I toughed it out as long as I could, but when the lights in the sitting area where we were socializing started to make me nauseous, I knew I was done for the night. I woke up feeling much better, weak as one tends to feel after a migraine but much better, until I dropped a bowl and my hand into a pot of boiling soup. Fun times there. We got the kitchen cleaned up and my hand under ice-cold water to minimize the damage. It isn’t bad but I’ll have some skin sensitivity for a day or two. After the kids were in bed, Jim and I settled in with glasses of red wine and a movie.  All was going well until I inadvertently spilled my glass of wine on the carpet. So, given what happened yesterday, I’m ready to either start the new year over again or hide in bed until it is over.

I did spend the day yesterday cleaning up some things around the blog, getting it ready for 2011’s reading list and challenges. I still have six reviews to write from books read last month, and I’d like to visit everyone on the blogosphere today as I haven’t done it in ever so long. Add that to everything else I need to do and suddenly, the day becomes a lot busier than I expected. I better get started!

Have a great day and even better week! Happy reading!

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