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No one will argue that BFFs help make the world easier to traverse. They pick you up when you are down, drop everything to help you in your time of need, laugh alongside you and generally help you to keep your sanity. Most BFF relationships are fostered over many years and can last a lifetime if managed correctly. However, let’s face it. Most BFF relationships work best when both friends are local, when you can get together for that important friend face time, whether it is over coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks or just hanging out. BFFs can be long-distance, but the relationship loses something over that distance. It changes and becomes something different.

Me? I moved away from home when I was 18 and haven’t looked back. This also means that I left behind every childhood friend I had and lost that BFF relationship that is so vital to our well-being. After getting married, Jim and I moved eight times between 1997 and 2005. This instability in location has made it impossible for me to find a new BFF. The best part is that we have close friends spread out all over the world, but I still don’t have that person I can call on a Saturday morning and say, “let’s meet for coffee.”

Rachel Bertsche of MWF Seeking BFF

So, what do you do when you move away from your BFF? How do you go about finding a new one?  Jen from Booklicity got me hooked on Rachel of MWF Seeking BFF, who poses just this question on her hilarious and quite thought-provoking blog as she searches for a new BFF in her new hometown. She details her search for the perfect local BFF, discussing lunch dates and why your spouse can never truly fill the void of a BFF (I personally disagree with her on this one.) She talks about appropriate language when finding a new BFF and presents weekly updates on sociological and psychological studies on the importance of friendship. Always insightful, fun, poignant, and honest, Rachel’s search gives new meaning to what it means to be a friend, let alone a BFF.  Perfect for those who have just moved, who may have grown apart from long-time friends, as well as those who have the long-term close friendships Rachel is trying to find should check out MWF Seeking BFF. In addition to a good laugh, you just might find a helpful hint to help strengthen your own relationships.

Now, if anyone is in the market for a new BFF in the Cincinnati area, I am definitely free!

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