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I’m down to 157.8 lbs! Can I just scream how much I LOVE this program?!? I was in bed trying to figure out what is working this time. I mean, I played the Game On diet with friends and didn’t even lose five pounds in four weeks, whereas now I’m over a six-pound weight loss over three weeks. I notice that I am okay with my stomach feeling somewhat empty these days. I even rather like the feeling. I know that I was eating too much; I would be so uncomfortable after meals that I was miserable. I get up from the table these days and am comfortable. Do I get hungry again? Yes, but then I have a piece of fruit for zero points and am satisfied. More importantly, it’s working.

I’ve also taken a more lax approach to tracking my food eaten. One of the reasons why I stop any form of weight loss program or lifestyle change is the fact I feel obligated to track every single bite of food taken and write it down. But if we were to think about it, how realistic is it? Should we be cognizant of what we put into our mouths? Yes. Does it mean writing down every bite of food for the rest of our life? Absolutely not. If this latest weight loss is going to stick, it has to be done in a manner that is easy to follow so that I don’t feel deprived. When I feel deprived, I begin to resent. When I resent, I quit. I don’t want that to happen this time. No, this is NOT going to happen this time.

Obviously, what I am doing is working right now. I recognize the fact that it is not always going to be this easy and that I have a long way to go, but if I can get into good habits now, it makes the difficult times easier to avoid.

Thursday – Shoveled snow
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Yes, you saw that right. No running this week at all. Mother Nature did not play nice this week at all. Temperatures plummeted this weekend, and no one was running outside. The promotion at work has definitely kicked in, requiring me to work longer and harder. Combine that with early night falls still, and it is not a combination that is conducive to working out at all.  Work is only going to get worse too. I have a major project that is due in three weeks that is going to take every bit of extra time, plus hiring temporary employees and using as many coworkers as I can coerce into helping. Then, in March, I lose my partner and will have to balance her workload as well as mine and will have to train my new employee as well. At this point in time, I need more daylight and warmer weather before I can running regularly again. I still want to run, but I am over running in the dark without snow and Christmas lights in below freezing temperatures.

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