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Two pounds down this week! I find the new Weight Watchers program easy to use and even somewhat enjoyable. I never feel like I am making sacrifices, as it forces me to pay attention to my eating habits while affording me the luxury to indulge if I feel it absolutely necessary to do so. The focus on fruits and vegetables reinforces healthy foods, and knowing I can eat those without losing points makes snacking enjoyable. I read one tip that says that if you are not hungry enough to eat an apple, then you are not really hungry but rather just thirsty. I thought this sage advice and will be using it to monitor my own eating habits in the future.

The weather turned crappy this week, and my running did suffer. I haven’t given up, but I have decreased the frequency I do get outside to run. I know, without any doubt, that when the temperatures warm up, I will run more often and enjoy every minute of it. Jim and I signed up for our first race of the season – the Warrior Dash on June 5. We plan to wear costumes and truly get in the spirit of being a warrior. It also means I truly need to work on getting fit if I hope to jump over fire, rappel down a cliff, and crawl in mud.

I imagine we will be signing up for other races soon. There was talk of doing one for St. Patrick’s Day, and of course there are the Flying Pig festivities the first weekend in May. I’m looking forward to finding certain races and having fun!

Friday – rest
Saturday – rest
Sunday – rest
Monday – rest
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – rest

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