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I’ll admit – I haven’t been able to find my holiday spirit lately. I have no desire to decorate the house. I do not find holiday shopping enticing. I really don’t even want to bake goodies. I’m slowly getting into the spirit. Most of the holiday shopping is done. I bought ingredients to bake certain cookies. I may even get around to decorating the house a bit this afternoon. Still, there seems to be so much more to worry about this year than decorating or the holidays. Even if I were in the holiday spirit, one trip to any particular store is enough to undo everything. People are insane this time of year – cutting people off in line, pulling out in front of others, ignoring stop signs, pushing people out of the way in aisles at stores. One day shopping was enough to make me question what has gone wrong with the holidays and why people get more evil instead of actually embodying the spirit the holidays are supposed to represent. All I know is from now on, my shopping is being done online.

One of the things that has helped me get into the spirit of things was a package I received on a gloomy day two weeks ago. The lovely Jennifer from Rundpinne was my Secret Santa from this year’s Book Blogger Holiday Swap, and she was more than gracious!

Photo: Book Blogger Holiday Swap goodies
Book Blogger Holiday Swap goodies!

The handwritten note made my day, and the M&Ms keep me company at work to help brighten a tough work environment these days. Both of these books were on my wish list, and I cannot wait to read them. Thanks, Jennifer!

In addition to being rather “bah humbug” about the holidays, I’ll admit I’ve been feeling the same towards blogging these days. Part of it I believe is due to the new work schedule. I hate getting home after 6 PM each night as it makes the evenings SO short. By the time I get truly settled and fully relaxed, it is time to get ready for bed. I really need to get better about writing reviews and posts in advance and start scheduling them. It might help me get back into the blogging spirit.

In spite of my general blogging malaise, I have been reading some excellent books: Ted Gup’s A Secret Gift, Gail Carriger’s oh-so-fun Blameless, Charlotte Bronte’s powerful Villette, Dennis Lehane’s dark Moonlight Mile, Rachel Vincent’s interesting My Soul to Keep, and John Verdon’s excellent Think of a Number. Connor rounded out the week with his reaction to Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. I also had an epiphany about personal behaviors and continue to share my efforts at getting healthy through my Motivate Me feature.

With that, the snow is falling, and the house is clean and warm. I think it is time to go bake some cookies. If the snow and the smell of spicy goodness can’t get me into the holiday spirit, then I don’t know what will!

Have a great Sunday, everyone. Happy reading!

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