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It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S., a day where it is socially acceptable to overeat and take a nap. It is also a time where we reflect on everything about which we are thankful. For me, these include the following:

  • My husband – As my best friend, he bears the brunt of all my idiosyncrasies and is my number one supporter.
  • My children – They remain my pride and joy and remind me to find my inner child.
  • My family – Their love and support remains a comfort in times of need.
  • My friends – They make coming to work fun and know how to get me out of my shell.
  • My blogger friends – They have exposed me to an entirely new world for which I am forever grateful.
  • My doggies – Their unconditional love makes coming home every day a pure joy.
  • Our soldiers – Their sacrifice to defend freedoms everywhere is something we can never afford to forget.
  • My life – I have my health, a beautiful home, more toys and electronics than are probably good for me, a great job and an entire personal library of books. I am truly blessed.

To all my U.S. friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. To all my friends around the globe, take a moment to consider your blessings. As we all sit down with friends and family no matter where we are today, I hope everyone is as blessed as I am.

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