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Let me share a little secret – I am lazy. I much prefer sitting at my desk or lounging on my sofa versus getting up and doing anything, whether it is cleaning the house, running errands or going for a walk. I can motivate myself to read or to write a post each day, but my motivation ends there. I tend to live for deadlines, and when there is not one in existence, I flounder. This applies to every aspect of my life.

What has this lack of motivation allowed me to accomplish? An extra thirty pounds, an entire wardrobe that doesn’t fit, slight depression, a body I’m embarrassed to show anyone and the potential for health problems. Yikes.

It’s not that the desire to get off my rear is not there. I can envision me crossing the finish line of a long race. Jim is even willing to run one with me. Yet, I can never turn that vision into action. Something “better” always comes along – whether it is a hectic schedule, illness, business travel, or the like. I am great at coming up with reasons to avoid putting on my running shoes and going outside. It is a serious problem.

So what’s the big deal? Aren’t I in sync with a majority of America? The question is – do I really want to be? The answer is no. I do not like how I look or how I feel. Jim is training for a marathon and has already run two half-marathons, while I…I feel like a slug. Yet, no amount of sluggishness appears to get me off my butt.

Why am I writing this? My goal is to be brutally honest with my readers and, by proxy, with myself. I know what to do to slim down and get in shape. I choose not to adopt those habits though because I never feel as if I am held accountable for them, and I need to be held accountable for me to be successful. This is where you come in. Starting today, I will be posting regular updates on the amount of exercise I have managed to achieve, whether it is walking or jogging. I intend to train for a 5K race and will be researching them to pick one as an end goal. In addition, I will be sharing any weight loss, eating behaviors and anything else that impacts my overall health. My goal is that by posting this in such a public forum, my readers will hold me accountable. When I struggle, I’m hoping my Internet friends (and family members who read but never respond) will push me and cheer me through the hard times. Entitled Motivate Me, I am motivating myself and hoping that all my readers will motivate me as well.

So, here goes. As of today, I weigh an embarrassing 162.2 pounds. I have managed to avoid exercise this entire week and have tended to overeat at least one meal every day. This ends today. I refuse to adopt a formal weight loss plan, but I do plan to adopt a sensible plan of smaller portion sizes and more fruits and vegetables. I plan to start (again) the Couch to 5K program tonight. It’s time to get healthy.

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