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The Flashback Challenge Button

Hosted by Aarti, this challenge is made it okay to revisit old favorites. I managed to revisit six and enjoyed the trip down memory lane for each one of them!

With this, I have completed every single challenge I opted to continue this year. Yes, there were a few I dropped, either because I was no longer interested or because I did not feel it was a true challenge. Considering this is my first complete year attempting reading challenges, I had fun and now understand why bloggers get into them so much. Some challenges I enjoyed more than others, but there will be certain reading challenges I will definitely continue to attempt next year (RIP, What’s in a Name). . I am not certain I will ever sign up for as many ever again. At this point in time, I am glad to be done and feel I can relax and enjoy the last few weeks of the year, reading-wise that is.

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