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Book Cover Image: Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5: The Ugly Truth by Jeff KinneyAnd now, what you’ve all been waiting for – Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth (Diary of a Wimpy Kid #5)! Greg Heffley returns, learning about puberty (ick!). His friend Rowley and he aren’t too comfortable about it. Also, Greg’s mom starts going to school again, which completely ruins his normal life. Now, Dad’s in charge, and things are going downhill. Oh well. Nothing could compare to having to go to his uncle’s 4th wedding. Worse, this year he gets the “talk” from his 95-year-old Gammie. How could things get worse?

Jeff Kinney’s done it again – in a way. It seems that Greg’s vocabulary has increased beyond a regular middle-schooler’s. Also, these books are good for only one time. I mean, you read it once and think, “that was a good book”, and then you never read it again. Still, it is a great book though, funny, poetic, and most of all, wimpy.

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