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So, it appears that this fall is going to pass as quickly as this spring and summer did. Considering it is my favorite season, I’m not certain how happy I am about this. Speaking of fall, Mother Nature made sure we knew it was fall and dropped temperatures into the 50s this weekend. Talk about your rude awakenings! Considering that next weekend is already slated to be back in the upper 70s, this brief flirt with winter is not too disconcerting.

I stayed busy this week beyond the usual practices and games that keep everyone in the family running around all week long. I finished my 100th book of the year; last year I topped out at 84 read books. It is truly amazing what a lack of studying can do for one’s reading schedule. I managed to post reviews on Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson, Dracula in Love by Karen Essex, and Dead Politician Society by Robin Spano. I also shared my feelings about banned books and discussed something that happened with Holly when she first started cheerleading. Connor’s post this week covered Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins.

The INSPY short lists were also announced this week. In case you may not know what they are, the website states it best:

Recognizing the need for a new kind of book award, the INSPYs were created by bloggers to discover and highlight the very best in literature that grapples with expressions of the Christian faith.

I am very honored to be among one of the judges for the Speculative Fiction category. Over the course of the next two months, I will be reading and judging five different books that meet the criteria for the category. I am really looking forward to seeing how speculative fiction can mesh with faith!

Surprisingly, I am fairly brain-dead this Sunday night. It hasn’t been the most restful of weeks or weekends, which means it is time for me to log off and enjoy the rest of the evening!

Have a great week and happy reading!

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