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Happy Sunday! It’s just another weekend filled with soccer, piano and other activities that prevent us from being able to nap relax. Thankfully, though, the sun is shining, and the heat from last weekend seems to have left us (hopefully for the rest of the season). Also on the positive side, the number of weekends that are packed are quickly dwindling. The soccer/cheerleading season is almost over, and I can’t wait to some time back from the kids!

This week started out with a bang with my return from GLiBA. That was quickly followed by a magical night with my favorite, Muse. I managed to finish two books this week, one via audio. I also recapped my thoughts on Joe Hill’s Horns and Becca Fitzpatrick’s Crescendo. Connor let his inner geek shine through when he reviewed The Strange Case of Origami Yoda during Connor’s Corner.

This week is our quarterly sales meeting, so unless I am amazingly productive today, I’m uncertain I will finish any book this week. It will be a challenge getting posts up as it is! In addition, I still need to log in and put away all of the books I brought into the house last week. Given the sheer number of them, this is going to take some time. In other words, no rest for the weary this week!

Speaking of rest, my time is up! Off to go spend the afternoon watching another soccer game. I hope everyone had an excellent weekend and has an even better week to come. Happy reading!

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