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What an absolutely glorious day.  The relentless heat finally broke, and we were able to turn off the air conditioner this weekend.  Our day at the lake held crystal clear blue skies and no humidity.   The heat is supposed to build again this week, so I guarantee that the air conditioner will be back on tomorrow afternoon.  However, the break was wonderful – even if I discovered that my allergies are acting up again.  This spring was the worst I’ve ever experienced for allergies, and now it appears that this fall is going to be just as bad.  I’ve already started doping up with my prescription meds from last summer to be on the safe side. 

I was able to finish one book this week, in time for my blog tour stop with said book on this upcoming Tuesday.  I’m hoping that my free day tomorrow will afford me time to finish at least one other book so that I can move out of this slump. 

I was in a rather reflexive mood this week as I discussed the truth behind my reasons for blogging, my issues in parenting, my need for more reading time.  In addition, I joined another challenge – my favorite one of the year.  As for what’s coming next week – I really hope it includes more reviews.  It means I’ve finally been able to finish another book! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day tomorrow and enjoys the end of summer!

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