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We invite you to share with us a book or genre you tried due to the influence of another blogger.  What made you cave in to try something new and what was the experience like?

I have always maintained that I love to read books from every genre.  If you look at my book list, you can see that I do not leave much out that I do not read.  Yet, the one genre I never could fully embrace was horror.  I do not like horror movies, and I struggle with being scared.  (Vampires do not count because honestly, I do not find them scary.)  I avoided true horror novels like the plague.   The R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril challenge last year forced me to change all that.  In the spirit of the challenge, I read my very first horror novel, Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill.  It was everything I expected, and yet, I loved it!  I enjoyed being able to read only a few chapters at a time because my stomach was tied in knots.  I loved the feeling of creepiness descend on me as I read, forcing me to turn on just one more lamp to scare away the monsters that lurked around corners.  More importantly, I survived reading the novel.  I didn’t die of fright; I didn’t have nightmares.   Now, I am much more inclined to read horror.  I have Joe Hill’s latest novel on my list of books to read for this year’s R.I.P. challenge, and I even have designs to read my very first Stephen King novel.  I’m eyeballing The Stand.  How’s that for not liking horror?

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