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Look at me, doing an actual Sunday Salon post!  I guess it truly is the end of summer, even if the temperatures outside say otherwise.  I spent the large majority of the weekend flitting back and forth between soccer games and attending Holly’s first cheerleading event.  It is brutally hot outside, but in spite of the heat, both kids performed admirably.  It should be a fun fall!

I have finally finished changing all links in previous posts.  It was a painful, arduous process, one that I hope never to have to repeat again.  I also took the time to add alt tags to all of the pictures.  I might have missed one or two but on the whole, it is done.  This means that I now feel that I have officially switched to That’s What She Read in all guises and can concentrate on posting again.  The fact that we are now in a more normal school routine should help tremendously with that as well.

Book Blogger Appreciation Week is rapidly approaching!  While I did not make the short list for either of my two categories – Eclectic and Well-Written – I was happy to see the final list.  It was difficult to choose, as everyone who made it that far is definitely worthy of it!  Speaking of BBAW, have you signed up to participate in the interviews?  This is one of my favorite parts of the event and tends to massively increase my Reader subscriptions.  If you have not yet done so, please sign up!

Thank you to Book Loving Mommy for bestowing on me the Lovely Blog Award.

One Lovely Blog Award Button

There are rules to this award, like passing it on to 15 new-to-you blogs.  I say that since I haven’t really been following anyone’s blogs this summer (I’ve hit “Mark All as Read” many times since June), you are all new-to-me these days!  I also think that everyone’s blog is lovely in some way, so I grant each of you this award for your very own!

I am waiting to write my review of Mockingjay until some of the furor dies down a bit.  I was actually quite dismayed to see some of the thoughts running around on Twitter and in various posts, and I want to do the book justice by trying to forget those posts before I write my own thoughts.  I also plan to re-read the novel, as each re-read of the series teaches me a bit more about what was important to Ms. Collins.

Also, now that I have finished updating every post, I think it is time for me to start becoming an active blogger again.  This means you should start seeing me commenting and visiting my fellow bloggers much more than I have done all summer long.  Granted, since that was essentially zero, anything is a huge improvement.  I’m hoping to have finished hitting “Mark all as read” for the year and look forward to seeing what great books and events everyone is reading and planning!

As for the rest of the week, that will be spend reading, writing and working, as always!  Have a great rest of the weekend and happy reading!

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