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I believe we have reached the end of summer.  Last week saw us spending two hours each night (plus an hour of travel time) at soccer camp.  Next week will see us spending two hours each night (plus fifteen minutes travel time) at cheerleading camp.  Soccer practices started in earnest today.  Piano starts tomorrow.  Cheerleading starts in earnest in two weeks.  School starts in three weeks.  Yep, it’s over.

I happened to see the long list of nominated blogs over at the official headquarters of the Book Blogger Appreciation Week and I was astonished to find out that I made it through to the next round of voting for both the Best Written Book Blog and Best Eclectic Book Blog!  Looking at the list, I am completely flattered to be surrounded by so many other bloggers, all of whom I admire and adore.  I’m actually quite speechless.  Thank you to all those judges who voted for me!  As silly as it is, this does mean more than you will ever know!

We are heading in to the home stretch with my Game On diet competition.  So far, I’ve managed to lose six pounds officially, in three weeks.  That’s not such a bad feat in my opinion.  My team is in the lead, but it is any one’s game at this point in time.  Therefore, I have to be extremely good this week to make sure we finish out on top!  I’ve really enjoyed this lifestyle change and will definitely be keeping with it in the future.  I feel so much better than I ever have before, and it is working for me.  That’s enough for me to want to continue!

I’m hoping this week will see us get back into a more regular routine.  Last week’s soccer camp was brutal on my ability to get anything done.  I have neglected my reader, partly by design and partly because I have no time, for the past month, and I know there is no way I am going to catch up to that.  I took off the last week from Twitter.  The time away from Twitter and my reader was refreshing, and now I am finally ready to get back into the swing of things.  First and foremost, if there is anything exciting that happened in the blogging world over the past few weeks, please send me the link! 

Have a great week, everyone and enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

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