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Cheerleading camp starts this week.  To celebrate, we went out on the boat again yesterday.  We tried out a new lake, one that’s twenty miles farther away from our normal one, so it made for a very long day.  In all, it was a beautiful day.  Holly showed amazing progress in her comfort level with the water.  She even went so far as to swim far away from the boat on her own!  Granted, I had to swim to her to encourage her to come back to the boat, but she did a great job.  Both Connor’s and her smiles make the boat totally worth the expense, time and effort to get to a lake and back!

Did you hear the news about my pending change?  Barring any problems, I will most likely be making the switch on Thursday or Friday.  This means that there might be some issues with my feed while Blogger transitions to the new domain name.  I’ll be working feverishly this weekend to ensure the links work correctly.  I cannot wait for everyone to see it!  Bella is doing a fantastic job designing the new site.  I hope you will be as impressed as I am!

I finished my first game of the Game On Diet.  Due to some massive fluctuations in weight, I only lost seven pounds in the last month, but that is definitely a step in the right direction.  I am playing my second game and hope to figure out the key to avoiding the severe fluctuations.  Either way, I’ve adopted some fantastic habits and feel better than I have in a very long time.  Bring on game two!

That’s about it from here this week.  I hope everyone enjoys their last remaining weeks of summer.  Happy reading!

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