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Paramore Stage, Cincinnati OH, August 12, 2010
Great Band!

I’ve been on a concert kick lately.  I figure it is the fact that I did not see any concerts as a teenager and am making up for lost time.  I also believe it is due to me finally figuring out what music I truly enjoy and acting on it.  Either way, two friends and I packed into the area right in front of the state at an outdoor arena 95+ degree heat this past Thursday and rocked out to Paramore.  It was completely worth it!

Jeff and Me at Paramore, Cincinnati, OH, August 12, 2010
The picture was only taken to capture the guy in the green shirt who was rocking out to the opening act.

The two friends with whom I went have great taste in music, if I do say so myself, and it was an absolute blast to get them out of the work environment and enjoy the evening.  Considering how tired we all were the next day, I’d say the evening was a success.

Hayley Williams of Paramore, Cincinnati, August 12, 2010
Yes, we were so close we could see the sweat drip off her arms.  It was awesome!

The fact that we were so close to the stage only heightened the concert.  Yes, it was extremely loud, but to be so close that you can see the facial expressions, make-up and beads of sweat dripping from her hair was unlike any previous concert experience I’ve had to date.

The three of us will be going to see Muse in October when they come to Cincinnati.  I can’t wait for that concert because after Paramore, I know it will be a blast!!

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