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I have a secret.  When Jim and I were first discussing family, I was adamant about not wanting a girl.  I remember all too clearly how I was growing up.  I just did not want to deal with the battles about clothes and boys, the heartbreak that occurs because of mean girls, hormones, and everything else.  When we found out that our second child was going to be a girl, I must admit a part of me mourned the loss of being surrounded by rough-and-tumble boys, football games, and the like (by the time we had my youngest, it was very apparent that my oldest would never be a football player or rough-and-tumble).  Then, she was born, and I was lost.

From the very beginning, she was the complete opposite of her brother.  Whereas he is extremely serious, barely smiling because he was so busy absorbing everything as an infant, she was all smiles.  She was the easiest, happiest child I have ever seen, silly beyond belief and not afraid to make anyone laugh.  She wrapped both Jim and me around her little fingers.  We went from wanting to tone down the amount of pink she wears to letting her wear nothing but pink most days because pink is, of course, her favorite color.  We now have the quintessential girl – ballet, cheerleading, clothes and shoe horse.  We are both perfectly okay with all of it.

Holly turns six today, and I can’t help but marvel at the bundle of joy she is.  She wants nothing more than to love and to be loved, making friends and charming others wherever she goes.  She adores dancing and singing, which is a blast to watch.  Whereas her brother tends to shyness and studiousness, Holly loves to perform and laugh.  Gosh, how she lives to laugh.  And what a laugh it is!  Infectious, bubbly – it is the perfect laugh.  She’s got a wicked sense of humor and has mastered the art of sarcasm and snark without crossing the disrespectful line.  She remains refreshingly innocent and wonderfully helpful.  She carries with her an innate joy that is wonderful to behold.    Yes, we are still wrapped around her little fingers.  I wouldn’t trade my girl for anything.

Holly, Age 6
Holly, Age 6

Happy sixth birthday, Holly Bear!  You are the joy and light in our family.  We love you!

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