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Yes, I am aware that today is Monday.  Yes, I do realize that the name of the feature is The Sunday Salon.  Yesterday was a holiday, and I took a mini-computer vacation this weekend.  It was just what the doctor ordered, but it is the reason why I am writing my TSS post on a Monday.

Nothing big going on here.  Actually, this week was tremendously active.  I even took two-and-a-half days off of work and STILL have a lot to report!  Yes, I saw Eclipse on opening day.  I did not go to see it at midnight.  Let’s face it – I like my sleep and really do not relish the idea of having to listen to girls scream shrilly each time a certain actor or two walks across the screen.  So, my girlfriends and I went on Wednesday afternoon.  It was awesome!  It was as close to the book as a movie can get, yet the changes they made to the overall story were perfect.  Bella was strong and did not back down to Edward or Jacob.  Edward was more accepting and less controlling (not that I ever thought he was controlling, but it is a common complaint I hear about the series in general).  More importantly, Bella makes it very clear that her options and her actions are not done for others but are done for herself; neither Edward nor Jacob influenced her decisions about her future.  This wasn’t a speech that was in the book, but it is how I have always viewed Bella.  I am doing a happy dance that they addressed this issue in the movie because it should silence those Bella-haters who view her as weak and mindless.  I have seen it twice this past weekend and remain convinced that it is the strongest movie out of the three.

Holly Lost Her First Tooth
Such a pathetic face!

The kids remain in Texas, although they will be leaving Texas and one set of grandparents and arriving in Illinois with the second set tomorrow.  It sounds like everyone had a great time, even if they might have taxed their grandparents’ patience.  While there, Holly hit another big milestone – one we have been expecting for a while.  It sounds like she will be losing her second tooth while in Illinois too.  I will confess that there is a part of me that is crestfallen at the fact that I could not be there for the excitement of the Tooth Fairy and such.  Those eyes make me want to give her a big hug, even if I know she is the queen of manipulation with those eyes.  Yes, this is me saying that I do miss my children terribly.  That isn’t to say that I am not enjoying the silence and freedom, but I miss the hugs and kisses.  Two more weeks to go.

We had some massive excitement this past weekend when Cullen, the white dog, decided to lunge at our neighbor and take a chunk out of his t-shirt and draw blood on his shoulder.  He has never reacted like that before, in any situation, but then again, most of our neighbors know not to get too close to the fence.  The fence is his territory, and he is extremely protective of his territory.  He is also extremely protective of me, and I happened to be in the back yard with Cullen, mowing the lawn, which is also what our neighbor was doing.  We do not take this situation lightly and know that something has to change.  We are still waiting for the vet to get back to us to discuss our options because we have too many kids in the neighborhood who run between houses, including our own.  (I shudder to think that could have been a child.)  We’ll see what the doctor has to say!

Jim took Friday off with me, and we decided to head to the lake rather than get our chores done.  It was absolutely glorious.  There was not a cloud in the sky; the sun was warm but not overly so.  The temperature stayed around 82 degrees, and there was not an ounce of humidity in the air.  It was a perfect summer day.  By going to the lake on Friday, we were able to avoid most of the weekend traffic, which made it all the better.  We could not have picked a better day to not be at work, and it will most likely remain the highlight of the summer.

In spite of the trip to the lake, a summer cookout with friends, and a day spent doing some long overdue yard work, I have managed to finish five books this weekend.  Considering the state of my TBR pile and review book schedule, this is a very good thing.  I enjoyed all of them, some more than others.  Unfortunately, none of them are going to rank up there among my top reads for 2010.  I feel that Matterhorn spoiled me with that honor.  I remain hopeful, however, that my next batch of books will be of that high a caliber!

That is about it for me this week.  I need to make sure I enjoy the rest of my vacation before it is back to the grindstone tomorrow.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and am wishing you all a great week!  Happy reading!

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