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As many of you know, I take great care to attend to my professional development.  I’ve attended training programs and networking sessions.  I received my MBA and CMA.  I have taken all sorts of personality assessments.  All of this was done with the hope that I would not only build my resume but understand who I am, my likes and dislikes, and my strengths and weaknesses in an effort to make sure that I continue to find jobs that utilize my strengths while minimizing my weaknesses and that focuses on areas I enjoy so that I can grow as a person and as an employee.

Sitting in one such training session a few weeks ago, I started thinking about blogging development.  How does one develop and grow as a blogger?  More importantly, should we develop and grow as a blogger?  This lead to a slew of questions.

Is it necessary?  Does it occur over time?  What would such development look like?  Does it happen naturally through discussions and interactions, through continuous writing and reviewing?  Does it require more forethought and deliberate planning? 

What would one hope to accomplish by undertaking it?  Does such development connote the end of blogging as a hobby and the start of more earnest, more professional blogging?  Can hobby bloggers still develop and hone their craft? 

(I have learned through my personality assessments that I tend to question everything and am constantly learning to seek answers to those questions.)

I am going to wait to answer these questions myself, but I am curious what others think about development and its place in the blogging world.  Does it belong?  What are your thoughts?

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