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Looking for a way to learn a bit more about fellow book bloggers outside of their interest in books, Danielle of There’s a Book created this meme.  It is a fun way to step away from the books and share a quirky fact about you with others, all while promoting community! 

This week’s question:

Tell everyone a bit about your very best quality or talent!

First of all, I hate to talk about my qualities.  I can talk about books all day long.  I can help others talk about themselves, but I cannot talk about my best attributes.  It drives my boss nuts!  I asked my husband to help me with this.  All I got was that I’m angry all the time (he picked a bad moment to avoid answering my question as I really was not feeling the greatest).  So, since I am “forced” to talk about my best quality, and have no major talents unless you count my organization skills as Jim suggested, I will pick my sense of responsibility as my very best quality. 

It is my greatest quality and my largest downfall – well, that and my perfectionism but that’s a whole other story.  Simply put, I stand by my word.  If I tell you I am going to do something, I will do it.  I stress about meeting promised deadlines, whether it is for work, for family, for friends.  If I am late on anything, I feel like I failed.  A promise to do anything is something I take very, very seriously.  Yes, sometimes I regret making a promise, and it takes everything I have to attend to whatever that is, but I still get it done.  That’s my way.  It’s not a bad quality to have, and based on most of my co-workers, it is a rather rare quality these days.

My answer is rather boring, and I wish I had a fantastic talent I could share with everyone. I’m curious how others would answer this question. What is your best quality or talent?

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