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I knew it was going to be an interesting week, but I was not prepared by how interesting it was! Those sales meetings I mentioned last week, plus one case of strep throat, plus two thunderstorms while driving to Illinois, plus putting my children on a plane for their month-long vacation with their grandparents, plus a day spend in Glen Ellyn, Illinois at their first annual Bookfest, and I am ready for a break. Unfortunately, we will be spending a large majority of the day in the truck driving home from Illinois, but at least we get a chance to decompress a bit after the craziness of the past few days.

Yes, Connor and Holly left yesterday for their grandparents’ house in Texas. We almost missed the flight because United Airlines seems to have a 45-minute cut-off time for checking baggage, which we discovered after we had been standing in line two hours before the flight. It was nerve-wracking, and unfortunately, because of the paperwork and approvals to get their bag checked five minutes after the cut-off, we barely made the gate, which meant a very rushed good-bye hug and kiss from each of them. We have all been looking forward to this break, but it was rough watching the plane roll away from the gate knowing the next time I would see them would be in July.

After the traumatic events of the morning, I dragged Jim to Glen Ellyn, IL for the first annual Bookfest. While there, we had lunch with Stephanie Cowell, listened to Melanie Benjamin and Kelly O’Connor McNees discuss writing about real-life historical figures, and got to hear Elizabeth Berg speak about her latest novel.  I added to my signed-book collection, learned a bit about the writing process and surrounded myself with fellow bibliophiles.  Not only that, but I was able to hang out with Jen from Devourer of Books and Jennifer from Girls Gone Reading.  I also got to hand out my business cards for the first time ever!  Even better, when I said my Twitter name, these authors knew who I was.  Seriously the best feeling ever!!

Jim was a trooper and went to all three events with me.  He was often one of a handful of men in the room, yet managed to stay engaged and comfortable.  We had many a discussion about books, and I even caught him reading Elizabeth Berg’s The Last Time I Saw You while we were waiting for the event to start.   In all, it was just an outstanding day!

This week is Jen’s (from Devourer of Books ) Audiobook Week.  I have at least one review to finalize, one to write, and several other audiobook-related posts to draft in celebration of this event.  With the kids gone, it should take me even less time to accomplish this than usual, which means more time to read.  This is a very good thing!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!  Happy reading!

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