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I am tired.  I cleaned the house on Friday after work, thinking that I would be able relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Oh, how futile our best-laid plans are!  Jim had to work yesterday, which was fine.  That means that I could spend a lazy morning reading and drinking coffee.  Just as we were about ready to get some lunch and run errands, Jim gets a phone call from his eldest sister.  Family emergency.  So, what turned out to be a relaxing weekend turns out to be a weekend filled with phone calls, travel preparations, long discussions, fear, concern, and a sense of unease.  Jim took Connor and left to head down to Texas to help his brothers and sisters deal with this emergency.  That left me behind to clean up after the hasty travel preparations, mow the lawn, go grocery shopping, and so forth.  My dream of a lazy weekend went up in smoke with that one phone call.  I didn’t even get to finish one cup of coffee today before I started working!  I’m making up for it right now by popping open a bottle of wine and enjoying the quiet, clean house. 

Given that Holly goes to bed so early in the evenings, I imagine (hope) that I will be able to get a lot of work done.  There isn’t much on television these days, so I want to get back on track on my reading and blogging slump.  I’ve read such great books lately, but finishing Matterhorn last week seemed to have been the coup de resistance.  I have started four different books since then, and none of them have kept my interest beyond 50 pages.  I decided to step away from my literary and historical fiction and have gone back to the paranormal romance/thrillers I love so much.  Charlaine Harris and Gail Carriger have certainly done the trick this weekend.  The Passage comes out this week, and I do have it on order.  Once I get that sucker, I’m hoping that my slump is over because I really cannot wait to open that behemoth and start reading!

To add insult to injury, I did not get a single book in the mail last week.  Even Jim made a comment at how unusual that is.  (I call it plain depressing.)  This is in stark contrast to all of my blogger friends receiving boxes and boxes of books from their week in New York and BEA.  Not a good feeling.  So, I went to the library and borrowed some.  Why did I do that when I have plenty of books waiting to be read at home?  I have not yet decided, but I’ve enjoyed what I did bring home, so that’s a good thing, right?

I have been absolutely remiss in acknowledging Savvy Working Girl and the award she gave me several weeks ago. 

Every Blog Needs a Little Bling Award

Isn’t that pretty?  Here’s the official “rules”:

“The only rule for this award is that if you accept it; please don’t keep it to yourself. Please pass this along to others and share the bling!”

This award is just for fun and to say thank you! Thank you for entertaining, teaching, inspiring and supporting me. Thank you for all that you contribute to the blogosphere!

I know I am supposed to pass this along to others, but I cannot, in all honesty, pick and choose.  Every blog I read is special in its own right.  They all deserve this award.  So, I give this award to you, dear reader, and to every other blog in my feed reader.  Please take it and enjoy!

What’s on tap this week? Maintaining the household without Jim.  Work.  Reviews.  Blogging.  Reading.  The same as every other week, to be truthful.  I really am looking forward to the peace and quiet and some one-on-one time with Holly.  She’s such a delight, that I know it will be fun.

I hope you have a great week!

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