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Wedding Bouquet and Clasped Hands

On this day thirteen years ago, which just so happened to fall on a Friday, at 5:00 PM…well, more like 5:30 PM because of some unexpected delays…Jim and I exchanged vows and became man and wife.  Thankfully, Jim arrived back home after the week helping take care of family issues, so we are able to celebrate together.  It’s been one heck of a ride, one I would not exchange for all the world.  He remains my best friend and, even though he does not believe in such a thing, my soul mate.  Here’s to another thirteen-plus years!

Even though I was fighting depression because of Jim’s absence, it really was a great week.  I was the winner of several giveaways and contests.  I have never had such a run of good luck, but I am NOT complaining.  As a result, my TBR pile grew by at least ten books, if not more.  Again, it is a good problem to have!

Institute of Management Accountants

Friday was a particular nerve-wracking day.  Unexpectedly, I received an e-mail from my professional organization stating that the test results for my final exam were now available online.  The catch?  I needed my authorization number I received when I first registered for the exam…back in March.  I scrambled to find the mysterious authorization number.  Out of sheer desperation, I called the organization outright and had them look up the number.  Once I had it, I logged in, my hands started shaking so badly, I mistyped my number three different times.  This was it – either I was done studying and finally had initials after my name, or I was going to have to spend the next six weeks studying again.  The fear of scenario number two had me hyperventilating.  The result?  Just call me Michelle, CMA!  I passed, I passed!  I have never felt such a mixture of emotions in my life.  I cried, I shook, I jumped up for joy, and if I had not been at work, I would have screamed out loud.  But it’s over.  The entire experience is over, and I can now move on with my life.  Thank goodness.

This weekend was Bloggiesta – our blogging community’s semi-annual celebration and opportunity to devote an entire weekend to blog maintenance and updating, hosted by Natasha at Maw Books Blog.  This time around, I did a lot behind the scenes, writing reviews, cleaning up my sidebars and getting things in order for the big blog change next month.  One of my favorite things about events like these is the sense of community; for three days, we all come together to help each other with code issues, design changes, advice on features and general encouragement and support.  It is always a learning experience, as someone shares something new about a design feature or coding change that I did not previously know.  Another highlight of the weekend is seeing all the changes everyone makes!  It is fun to see the new layouts, new features, new headers, and so forth.  Change is good, and it seems that Bloggiesta gives us all permission to make those changes we have secretly been harboring to make over the past six months.  I hope you have enjoyed the event and all the changes and sense of camaraderie as much as I have!

Summer has definitely hit southern Ohio, in all its humid glory.  It means that time spent out of doors is kept to a minimum for fear of suffocating under the amount of moisture in the air.  This week will see us enjoying the kids for our last week together before the kids go on their month-long vacation to their respective grandparents.  I have sales meetings this week that will see me experiencing all-day meetings and long hours for two days out of the week.  I’m hoping to stay on top of my feed reader as well as reading.  It really will be a quiet week, relaxing after the tumultuous week we had last week and the big trip this weekend.

I hope everyone has a great week!  Keep reading!

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