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I love my husband.  He is my best friend, the person to whom I can and do share everything.  I can survive without him around, but I feel whole when he is.  I support him in whatever he does and just want him to be happy.  I even practically pushed him out the door when we got the phone call from his sister to update him on his father’s status, prompting the emergency trip to Texas.

Yet, I cannot help but resent the fact that the few minutes I have had each day to talk to him, he’s done nothing but talk about his father rather than check up on Holly and me.  That he will most likely be gone for our 13th wedding anniversary this Sunday.  That he will come back for a week before leaving again for another week for a business trip.  I’m lonely, not sleeping well, and feel like a part of me is missing.

Embarrassed WomanI am an awful person for feeling like this.  Jim has a duty to help his family during this time of crisis.  I know this and love the fact that he rushed down to Texas to be with his family.  And yet…I want my husband back.  I want my family back.

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