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Have you heard the news?  Tomorrow, June 16th starts the first ever Bblog Twitter discussion!  What is Bblog, you say?  I am glad you ask.

In a nutshell, Twitter strikes again.  To paraphrase the foundation, several of us were discussing on Twitter the idea of hosting a Twitter chat devoted to topics around blogging designed to help bloggers and foster a discussion on important issues.  While this sort of thing occurs several times a day on Twitter, not everyone is on Twitter at the same time and has the opportunity to participate.  Therefore, Amy, Chris, Florinda, and I each volunteered to host a Twitter chat around one particular hot topic.  The full schedule is on our website, Bblog Central.  Please check it out!

Tomorrow night is our inaugural event, with Chris taking the lead to discuss Reading Challenges.  If you are interested, log in to Twitter at 8 PM EDT on June 16th and use the #bblog to discuss what they are, why they are important, hints to help you stay organized and complete them, and anything else that strikes our fancy.  If you have ever had any questions or concerns about challenges, tonight is the night to get them answered.  Our goal is to make the two-hour discussion as informative and helpful as possible.  We hope to see you there!

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