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If you didn’t see this last week, There’s a Book started this new feature as a way to get to know each other ourselves outside of our love of books.  Each week, she asks a new question each week designed to share our other interests that round us out as individuals.  This week’s question is as follows:

Are you an animal person? Any type in particular?

Some of my long-term readers know that I have two dogs, who remain an utter delight, albeit frustrating at times.  

Gretchen, age 6, and Cullen, age 2

However, I do love animals of all kinds.  I tend to gravitate towards the majestic, powerful ones.

Photo of a lion
Is there anything more majestic?
Photo of a polar bear
The purity of the white and the ferociousness of the animal gets me every time.

Photo of wolves
Wolves remain my favorite.

I also enjoy the cute and whimsical.

Photo of an otter
Look at that face!!
Photo of a platypus
The platypus cracks me up!!

So, there’s a bit of what I like in animals.  Which ones are your favorites?

Image: Signature Block
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