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Connor, Age 10There are days where we butt heads, argue and generally don’t get along.  There are days where we are the best of friends.  There are days where I am astounded at how grown-up you are.  There are days where I wish you would grow up a little faster.  No matter what I am feeling, I remain profoundly proud to be your mother. 

You have so much to offer this world, and I enjoy watching you discover your potential, your passions, and your strengths.  For ten years, I have watched you blossom into an athlete with amazing running ability, an artist with a phenomenal eye for symmetry, a gifted pianist, and a scholar who is intelligent beyond my wildest dreams.  The world is literally yours to conquer. 

Have a very happy birthday, Connor.  I hope you have the best day ever and an even better year to come.  I love you.

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