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Yes, this is late, but it has definitely been one of those weekends.  Jim left to attend the funeral of his uncle, which meant I had single-parent duty this weekend.  Two soccer games, a piano lesson, and a ballet recital later, I’m tired.  Not to mention that the house was in desperate need of a good cleaning, and our lawn was out of control.  My poor electric motor used up its charge twice before I was able to finish mowing it.  The kids were a tremendous help cleaning the house, but it still took me too long to do everything.  I never did get to the grocery store.  I’m thinking that Jim should take care of that particular errand.

Picture of my new Nook

On a happier note, I finally caved and got my very own Nook!  Thanks to my very generous parents and friends and family, I was able to use my birthday money to purchase it.  Because I am going to take it with me everywhere, I immediately went to Best Buy and purchased a cover for it, as well as the lamp that attaches to the cover.  It isn’t the oh-so-adorable hot pink one from Kate Spade sold on B&N Online, but it is hot pink and much, much cheaper.  I went home and found NetGalley and played and played and played.  I used it waiting for Connor’s soccer game to start today.  Fun, fun, fun! 

I feel like this week has been really slow.  Armchair BEA is still in the planning stages, but the response has been amazing.  Check back tomorrow for even more information!

Because this week was so crazy in the evenings, even though I cannot remember what kept me so busy, I feel like I will be playing catch-up all week – thank you notes, my Reader, armchair BEA planning, soccer, more soccer, work, and everything else that keeps me busy these days.  I hope the week goes quickly because next Saturday, I get to experience my very first IRL encounter with Jen from Devourer of Books.  I’ll be heading to my hometown next Saturday for my father’s retirement dinner.  Since I will be without the hubby or the kids, and because the rest of my family will be busy, and because my parents live fairly close to where Jen lives, we will be meeting at her very favorite bookstore, The Bookstore, in Glen Ellyn where Marg and Sue are going to force hook me up with some of their favorite books, followed by lunch.  I cannot wait! 

Speaking of work, time for me to get ready for work tomorrow.  I can’t believe Sunday is over…

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