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Another weekend, more torrential rain.  Granted, we have nothing like what hit Nashville, but my landscaping could definitely use at least one nice weekend to ensure that we are no longer the most neglected house on the street.  I am hoping that next weekend, Mother Nature will cooperate – partly because I need to start planting some flowers and partly because it is my birthday next weekend, and I prefer sunny, beautiful birthdays over gloomy ones.  😉

Books from Library Sale

Yesterday, in an effort to support my library, I took the kids to our first ever library sale.  I made out with a decent haul, but the kids – well, the kids will never go with me to another library sale ever again.  The crowd around the children’s books was absolutely ridiculous.  Poor Holly was so overwhelmed that she could not even look at any of the books.  As for Connor, I have unfortunately raised a book snob.  He got very upset that all the books were old and was disgusted that there was nothing he truly wanted.  So, he sat in the lobby and pouted.  It was pretty ridiculous.  On the plus side, I paid off my library fines and became a Friend of the Library.  So, I am pretty pleased with myself.  If I weren’t so disgusted with my children, I would have considered yesterday a more successful day.

I have finally found my domestic button again.  Yesterday, I got the energy to work on my friend’s baby shower gift.  No matter that she had the baby in January, at least I am working on it again and hope to have it finished by the end of May.  I also feel the urge to bake and cook.  Trust me when I say that it has been months since I have wanted to do either.  Jim is at the grocery store right now, and once I get back from Connor’s soccer game, I plan to immerse myself in my kitchen and cook.  I can’t wait! 

On tap this week is more of the same.  More reading, more cross-stitch, more soccer, more work, more chores, more blogging – life is certainly one big repetitive cycle, but there is something oddly comforting about that.  I am slowly working my way through my April review books and have even started on a few of my May ones.  Granted, now that I have added those ones from the library, I really need to learn to read faster.  Once the kids are at their grandparents for that month this summer, I am hoping to really pick up the pace!  Either that or I need to find a well-paying job that allows me to sit at home and do nothing but read.  Maybe I could ask for that for my birthday…

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday filled with love and laughter, family and friends.  Have a wonderful week and as always, happy reading!

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