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In the spirit of BEA, BBC and the various tweet-ups and blogger events, we at Armchair BEA thought we would duplicate the networking event occurring in NYC right now as best as possible.  Since we all can’t meet in person, each blogger who signed up has a randomly chosen person to interview.  Because I love networking, especially online where my natural shyness is easy to hide, of course I signed up for the opportunity to meet someone new.  As a result, I bring you Sarah from Puss Reboots: A Book Review a Day!
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Some of you might know her as @pussreboots on Twitter or have seen her adorable avatar of her cat.  As one of the founders of Armchair BEA, she took the time to create one of our fabulous buttons.  Her tastes in books run the gamut from children’s novels to nonfiction to manga and graphic novels.  She has been blogging since 2004 and can help with almost any blogging question there is.  But, she is not just a book blogger.  I took some time to get to know Sarah outside of her blog.
Caligula is a rather…ahem…unusual name for a cat.  I am assuming there is a story behind it.  Would you mind sharing how that adorable kitty came to be named for a very notorious Roman leader?
My husband named her. All the cats he’s had have been named for Roman emperors. Caligula was next on the list. We named her before we even met her. It was just coincidence that she ended up being a cali-co named cali-gula.
As a founder of Armchair BEA, what motivated you to get involved?  What has kept you motivated to stay involved?  Hardest thing about planning this event?  Has anything surprised you about the planning?
I saw the others talking about it on Twitter and just joined in. I wasn’t expecting it to grow as quickly as it did. Except for creating one of the two buttons, I haven’t been much help in the process.
You keep a journal on Livejournal.  Why not include those posts on your blog and cut down on the number of sites to which you post?  What is your reasons for the separation? 
Before I became a book blogger, I was an active member (and still am) of BookCrossing. Of the BookCrossers I chatted with, most had all started accounts on Livejournal. One of them began syndicating my RSS feed, and I wanted a little more control over how my content was being used there.
I don’t use Livejournal much any more. I’ve been thinking about canceling the account.
This entire event came about because of a discussion on Twitter.  What are your thoughts on social media?  How do you see it changing in the future?
I’m not sure how I feel about all  social networking, but I’ve found Twitter to be an incredibly useful tool for more than just catching up with my favorite blogs and bloggers. Collaboration on ideas such as Armchair BEA wouldn’t have been as easy without it.
Your husband also journals on Live Journal, from what I can tell.  Does he have a blog too?  What does he think about your blog, about Armchair BEA?
My husband has a blog but he updates it only once a year. He’s too busy with his academic pursuits to blog on a regular basis. He does however have a math tutoring site, Night Math Radio (
Have you attending some form of blogger meet-up?  Would you?  Who have you met?  Who do you want to meet?
I have had lunch with Pam of Bookalicious (  and Laura of I’m Booking It ( I also have monthly book club meetings with my local BookCrossing friends but I think I’m the only book blogger in the group.
What do you do when you are NOT reading and blogging?
I play with my kids. My son and I have just started geo-caching. We also like to go on “little explores” as my kids call them. Basically we get in the car, take a drive and see where it takes us. Usually it’s to a park, the beach or something similar.

What is your proudest moment?
When I was in 8th grade I had a charcoal and chalk sketch of a saddle I drew in art class exhibited at the San Diego Museum of Art. I was one of 100 or so art students picked from throughout the San Diego Unified school district. Along with tickets to the showing, I also got a t-shirt which I wore to death over the next decade.
Most embarrassing?
A recent embarrassing thing happened on a post where I was recommending my favorite mystery series and misspelled the main character’s last name. The author when she commented on my post was kind enough not to point out my mistake.
Happiest memory?
That’s a tie between the births of my two children. I’d suffered two miscarriages before my first child was born so it was a happy relief when he was born healthy and again when he sister came to complete our family.
Fondest memory?
I think it’s my now husband’s pick up line  that he used when he spotted me at college orientation: “What kind of computer do you use? A Mac or a PC?” At the time, I wasn’t the computer geek I am now. I tried to blow him off by saying, “They’re just boxes. I can use either.” He’d never heard that answer before and promptly started to follow me around for the rest of the day. We quickly became friends.


So, there you have it.  A brief insight into Sarah at Puss Reboots: A Book Review a Day!  Please take a few minutes and check out her blog.  It is a wealth of knowledge and her Armchair BEA posts are full of helpful hints!  
Make sure you check the Armchair BEA main site to see all the other interviews from our networkers!

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