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Another aspect of BEA is the conferences, stage events and exhibits occurring throughout the building.  This is a participant’s chance to glean the latest and greatest news from the publishing industry, examine the new trends and gain insight as to the new releases that are generating the most buzz.

My husband will tell you that I don’t do exhibits.  I take a hit-or-miss approach to them and imagine I would do the same if I were at BEA.  I would walk the exhibit aisles, stopping when I see something interesting, bypassing everything else.  I would rather spend my time listening to some of the discussions and stage events, as well as attend the author signings than make sure I hit every exhibit booth, if that were even possible. 

My ideal schedule for the exhibits, discussions, and stage events include the following:

Wednesday, May 26th:
    You’re Reading That!?!  Crossover YA/Adult readers come of age
    Dystopian Fiction
    YA Authors Crossing OVer
    Steam Punk

Thursday, May 27th:
    The Next Decade in Book Culture

Goodness – between this and my author signings, I am going to be busy!!

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