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BEA is all about panels (and exhibits and new release showcases, but I digress).  Author panels discussing a variety of topics.  If I were in NYC right now, I could see Justin Cronin, James Dashner, Melissa Marr or even Sarah, Duchess of York!

If I had my way though, I would love to see a panel made up of Stephenie Meyer, Kaleb Nation, Maggie Stiefvater, and Melissa Marr.  What would I have them discuss?  The Internet and how it has impacted their publicity campaigns. 

I continue to be fascinated by social media in all forms.  My MBA senior thesis was on social media and its impact on businesses.  The use of social media has literally exploded since I wrote that, and no where has it become more effective than in publishing.

Each author either was or currently is active on a variety of social media websites, from Twitter to MySpace to Facebook as well as their own website.  Would they have been successful without these platforms?  How do they use these platforms to maximize publicity for each book they release?  What changes have they had to make to their marketing campaigns as the social media sites have become more and more popular? 

From there, how do they, if at all, address social media in their books?  Do they ignore it for fear of making their books sound dated?  Do they embrace it, giving a nod to the modern society?  How will they adjust future books to account for the popularity of Facebook and Twitter? 

I want to get their take on this phenomenon, which they have all embraced to some extent.  I would love to get their thoughts on the future of social media and its relationship with writing and publishing.
Really, I just want to hear them talk about two of my favorite things – books and social media!!

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