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Image of a Red, Swollen Eye

For most of the week, my eyes looked like this picture.  Isn’t that pretty?  Benedryl, Zyrtec, allergy relief eye drops – NOTHING worked to alleviate the symptoms.  On top of that, my nose alternated from being extremely stuffy to dripping incessantly, my chest was heavy, and I had absolutely no energy to do anything other than hold a book.  (Not that I am complaining about that, but I do now have seven reviews to write.)  I even went to the doctor to see if there was anything he could prescribe that would afford me some relief.  Honestly, I got tired of seeing people cringe and take a step back when looking at my eyes.  It was crazy.

Image: Rain-spattered window

And then, it rained.  And rained.  And rained some more.  We even got to watch Connor’s soccer game in a downpour.  I am not complaining at all because while my eyes still itch, they no longer look like I have pink eye.  I have energy for the first time in two weeks.  I am not as stuffy as I was.  It is wonderful!   While I am not fully 100 percent, the fact that I do not want to crawl into bed an hour upon waking is sufficient to have me in the best of moods this weekend.  The doctor said I could expect allergy symptoms until June.  As long as we can keep the eyes from swelling and the energy levels from dropping, I may just make it through this allergy season.

Because most of the week was spent in a Benedryl haze, I did not accomplish much…other than lots of reading.  My husband decided to trade in our Hyundai Santa Fe for a 2010 Chevy Silverado truck.  He then convinced me to purchase a boat this weekend.  We have to pick it up from the seller one of these weekends, but I guess I know what we’ll be doing this summer!  Actually, Jim’s favorite childhood memories all revolve around boating trips with his family, and from the moment we had kids, this is something he has wanted to do.  This means I really need to step up my weight loss efforts if I will be spending a large majority of my summer in a swimsuit!

Our lives continue to revolve around the kids.  Soccer is still not over and will not be until the end of May.  Holly shocked us by announcing that she wanted to be a cheerleader next year for peewee football.  Yikes!  Jim and I are SO not cheerleader material, but we swore we would let the kids participate in whatever they expressed an interest.  Connor has tried art classes, tee ball, and swimming before settling on soccer, running, piano, and trumpet.  Even though we are not cheerleader parents, we will support her (and pay the $300 to sign up).  A cheerleader.  Oy!

Speaking of family, time to go spend the rest of the evening with mine!  Have a great Sunday evening, everyone!  And happy reading!

Image: Signature Block

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