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Cheerleader Readathon ButtonTime spent reading:  2 hours

Time spent cheering:  Just starting

No. of pages read: 167 pages

No. of books finished: 1 – The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns by Elizabeth Leiknes

Currently reading:  Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

Thoughts on the event:  The whole family is up and reading something.  Connor’s plan is to work his way through the entire Harry Potter series.  Jim mentioned finishing up his current read, The Last Surgeon, and finally working his way towards finishing The Count of Monte Cristo.  And Holly even managed to read Goodnight Moon to herself.  I have my cup of coffee, my trusty laptop and reading pillow, and my reading blanket.  I am all set to start reading my second book. 

Connor Reading

This hour’s mini-challenges include showing what we surround ourselves with while reading.  I’m being sentimental and showing my family because I am going to try to stay around them as much as possible today.  And I love the fact that they grabbed a book immediately upon getting up this morning! 

Holly reading

Now, off to cheer for a bit before diving back into the book.  I can’t let my kids show me up!  Happy Reading!

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