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After studying all week, I could definitely use a break.  What better way to take your mind off of tomorrow’s looming test than to play along with Deb and Booking Through Thursday?!  She has two questions this week, but since I don’t really do April Fool’s Day, I figured I would opt for nostalgia.  Awwww….

I spent the day with my friend’s twins the other day. Twins who are learning to read, sounding out the words, trying to make sense of the stories in their books, and it made me nostalgic for when I learned. I still remember the distinct moment that the concept of reading clicked, with a meglomaniacal realization that, all I needed to do was learn the words and I could read anything in the whole world. (That’s my kind of world domination.)

Do you remember learning to read? What’s your earliest reading memory?

I do not remember learning to read.  It feels like I have been reading forever.  The way my mother tells it, I started correcting her whenever she would read aloud stories to me.  I was lucky enough to discover the power of words at a very early age.  All I know is that it happened before kindergarten.  An exact age escapes me right now, but my parents would probably know (Dad, if you are reading this, just how old was I?)

My earliest reading memory is me trying to teach my little brother how to read.  I remember using Dr. Suess…I want to say Red Fish, Blue Fish…getting exascerbated because he just didn’t get it.  I wanted to share the power of words with him but could not understand why it wasn’t clicking for him.  I remember showing him the words, showing him how to sound out each syllable and letter.  It was a painful process that most likely did nothing to endear me to him, but I tried my best to include my little brother in this exciting new world I had discovered.  It isn’t my fault that he didn’t understand the possibilities! 

How about you?  What is your earliest memory?

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