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In the age-old battle of finding balance in our lives, I have been discussing with other bloggers the idea of quitting blogging.  These women feel that the passion for blogging is now gone and that their lives would be better off without it.  Typically, a blogger will say she is done but invariably comes back, even if periodically, because she finds she misses it.  When thinking about this situation, which appears to be happening more and more often within my circle of blogging friends, I am led to the question I know many of us have been asked at some point in our blogging careers: Why blog? 


What drew us to this line of interaction?  Are we all secretly hoping to become writers?  Is blogging filling a void?  Are we using this forum as an alternative to journaling?  What is it about blogging that becomes so addicting? 

Most of the people with whom I’ve discussed this question state that they do it for the camraderie.  However, I personally feel I have gotten closer with people and have made more connections via Twitter rather than through my blog.  My followers on Twitter and my followers on Blogger reflect this difference.  So, what keeps us wanting to write? 

Let’s face it.  We were all readers prior to the advent of the Internet.  Blogging has not suddenly made us readers.  If the Internet were to disappear tomorrow, we would continue to read, and I guarantee most of us would continue to write our thoughts on books in a book journal of some variety.  To say we blog because we read is, in my opinion, a misnomer.  Yet, what compels us to come back time and again?

In my experience, most people who find out I blog either explicitly ask the “why blog?” question or, with a raise of an eyebrow, imply it.  How do you answer that question?  For me, I have never developed a satisfactory answer other than “it was something to do after I graduated with my MBA”.  As far as answers go, it is a very poor one.  What keeps me coming back time and again, even though I may invariably spend more time on my computer than I do with my husband these days?  Why do I want to blog when I have very little time to myself these days and need to do other things?  What makes me constantly think of topics and questions to pose to my readers, search out the latest gadgets to make my blog more user-friendly, and personalize it to my specifications?  Why blog? 

I open these questions up to everyone.  How do you answer the question?  What keeps you coming back, fine-tuning your articles, inserting your voice into this online journal?  Does it take the place of journaling?  Are you seeking exposure for a future novel?  Please share your thoughts!

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