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I have reached a rare time where I honestly have no idea which book to pick up next.  I am slogging through Little Dorrit and hope to finish it before the end of the week.  I want to read everything on my TBR shelves, but nothing is truly stepping up and screaming “You must read me now!”  It is a bit unusual for me to be so undecided, but I will find a way to make it work.  Thankfully, I still have to finish my Random Reading Challenge selections, so what better way to decide my next choice by letting a random number generator choose for me!

I plugged in all 73 possibilities into and came back with number 38: Public Secrets by Nora Roberts.  

And I am perfectly happy with this choice.  It has been a long time since I have read anything by Nora, and the fact that I have two of her novels unread in my personal library is unfathomable.  Thankfully, I get to remedy that!  Yay for the random number generator!!

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